Self-Drive Tours in the Faroe Islands

Experience the main attractions of the Faroe Islands on one of our self-guided all-inclusive tours around the islands. We’ll book you a car and accommodation and provide you with a detailed itinerary with hidden gems and suggestion for your stay. Our Self Drive itineraries are designed for travelers who want local knowledge planning the perfect vacation and finding the best of the Faroe Islands while keeping the freedom of driving themselves

Mykines | The Puffin Island | Private Experience

Care for a tailored, private experience of the puffin island Mykines? We got you covered. There are good reasons for booking a private experience: You will be part of planning the itinerary that will meet your specific needs. You’ll own the journey, and you’ll decide the pace. There’s no hassle to adapt to others and you will have the option to prioritize your preferred activity such as photography, hiking, food, etc. We will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.

A Brief History of the Faroese Flag

The 25th April marks Flag day  – Flaggdagur – in the Faroe Islands.  And, while in 2020 it’s likely to be a more subdued event than usual due to the current social distancing advice, the day will be marked by Faroese at home and overseas with many a proud display of the national flag, the Merkið, a key symbol of national self-determination and the legacy of the war years on the Faroe Islands.

What to Wear in the Faroe Islands

Let’s face it. Summer in the Faroe Islands is not by any measure a tropical experience. For warm breezes, endless sunshine and fancy cocktails on the beach, there are certainly better options elsewhere. But for staggering beauty, remarkable nature and exciting adventures, the Faroe Islands is the right choice. And you’ll see, the weather will undoubtedly impress you in other ways. Here we take your through our list of essentials and detail our favourite methods when roaming the Faroe Islands.

Casual Dining in Tórshavn: Our Top Picks

The Faroe Islands are fast-gaining a reputation as a foodie destination par excellence. It’s not just our two-Michelin starred restaurant Koks as there are many destinations for fine dining in Tórshavn today. But, what about those other nights when, after a long day hiking in the mountains, you just fancy a relaxed or quick meal that won’t break the bank? Well, thankfully there’s a growing number of options that cater to a range of budgets in our cosy capital. It’s a far cry from the city of yesteryear, to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

Environmental policy

For us, tourism has immense potential and there is nothing we like more than helping you discover the hidden gems of the Faroe Islands. Yet to ensure our fragile environment will be sustained far into the future this has to be done with caution, balancing social, environmental and economic concerns.

About Us

Experience Faroe Islands is a best-in-class operator providing authentic travel excursions in the Faroe Islands. Our carefully drafted tours cover the most spectacular locations in the Faroes, delivering powerful experiences…

Wonders of Vágar Island

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri – 2295 DKK

Offering some of the most striking views in the Faroe Islands, the Wonders of Vágar Island tour should be on any visitor’s to-do list. Our tour includes Trælanípan the slave cliff, the village of Gásadalur and a lunch. This popular island is rich in history and legends. Our tour also includes some of the most celebrated waterfalls and viewpoints in the Faroe Islands, and great foot to boot. All in a one-day experience.

The Famous Kallur Lighthouse

Monday & Wednesday – 2795 DKK

Kalsoy is the Faroe Islands’ own ‘James Bond Island’, and so much more. As a location for 2020’s Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’ the island has gained a new worldwide fame, but, it’s long been on the must-do list of visitors to the Faroes. The mythical island is home to the famous Kallur Lighthouse, which, alongside the statue of the Seal Woman, counts among the islands’ most iconic sights. Avoid the crowds and come along for this afternoon experience with your local expert guide to experience the best the island has to offer.

Highlights of the Faroe Islands

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri – 1995 DKK

Includes: Saksun, Fossá Waterfall, Tjørnuvík, Gjógv and the Sub Sea tunnel

Our Highlights of the Faroe Islands tour is a full-day experience that allows you to experience the best of Streymoy and Eysturoy, the two central islands of the Faroes. On this tour, you will get to see the highest waterfall in the Faroe Islands up close, walk the black sands of Tjørnuvík, see the Giant and the Witch sea stacks, hike the Islands’ highest mountain and visit the uniquely beautiful village of Gjógv.

Sunset Hike | Private Experience

Summer in the Faroe Islands is made for sunset hikes as the cool breeze of air during day often tends to calm down and sunlight continues late into the evening. Participants of this tour are likely to get a more memorable hiking experience than a typical day hike with an amplified sense of fulfilment and well-being.

Mykines | The Puffin Island

Tuesday & Thursday – 2595 DKK

A favourite amongst travellers to the Faroe Islands is to visit the westernmost island of Mykines, home to large sea bird colonies of which the most famed being the large number of puffins. Mykines is staggeringly beautiful and deserves its spot as the most sought after destination in the Faroe Islands. For the complete experience of the remarkable nature and distinctive island life on Mykines, we recommend joining one of our smaller groups for a complete and personalised day-tour in comfortable and hassle-free settings.