Covid-19 Info

ThRecently, travelling plans have not worked out in anyone’s favour due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Luckily, the distribution of vaccines is gathering pace across the globe. For travellers to the Faroe Islands, this means restrictions have eased, and the islands are now more accessible to visitors. For the team here at Experience Faroe Islands, it means we can look forward to hosting you on tour across the islands in the latter half of 2021. However, due to cautionary restrictions still in place to protect our visitors and guides, we only offer private experiences and small group tours for the remainder of 2021. Our experiences have been arranged accordingly.

Below we present a brief update on the local travel guidelines that currently apply:

The excellent news is that all travellers (vaccinated and non-vaccinated) from yellow countries can now enter the Faroe Islands without quarantine. Check country classifications here.

At the border, all travellers to the Faroe Islands must test for COVID-19. The price is €42 per test. Therefore, self-quarantine only applies during your first hours on the Islands until test results have come back negative, typically later the same day. Further, all non-vaccinated visitors should be careful until a negative test on the fourth day after arrival. Here is an overview of test centres and opening hours.

As most travellers will pass through Denmark by transit on the way to the Faroe Islands, we advise you to read and follow the rules applied to travels to Denmark here. Pay particular attention to the country categories (yellow, orange, or red), which similarly apply in the Faroe Islands.

Most importantly, make sure to read the official travel guidelines here for up-to-date information.