About Us

Experience Faroe Islands is a best-in-class operator providing authentic travel excursions in the Faroe Islands. Our carefully drafted tours cover the most spectacular locations in the Faroes, delivering powerful experiences you cannot get anywhere else. By offering our services only to smaller groups, we ensure you get immersed in Faroese nature, culture and history while also being shielded from the crowds.

One-Day Experiences

Our tours are designed for intimate and authentic experiences, as we try to avoid mass-market tourism at all cost. Whether on the Kallur Lighthouse or Giants of the North excursion, or well off the beaten path on an evening hike in the mountains north of Tórshavn, you can take comfort in knowing you are accompanied by a skilled guide and travel companion that has extensive knowledge of the area. Our experiences provide not only unmatched natural scenery, we also take you on an historical and cultural journey that gives participants a deeper and holistic perspective of the places we visit. Most importantly, we operate with the humblest respect for the natural habitat and apply disciplined environmental practices to ensure that our activities are sustainable.

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Private Experiences and tailored solutions

For those whom small groups just aren’t small enough we also offer Private Experiences that are tailored to your exact needs. Book your Private Experience here. Should you require services beyond those listed on this site, get in touch and we will be happy to work with you on planning, accommodation, cuisine, etc., or mediating contact with some of our trusted industry partners.

Corporate Services

For corporates that need a reliable partner to help organize and support their stay in the Faroe Islands, we are here to help. Whether your travels to the Faroe Islands are for advertising, content production, team building, conferences, board meetings, or just leisure, we can support your team throughout the entire trip and alleviate the stress associated with planning. We have the knowledge and capabilities to organize your stay and can take care of your needs before, during and after your trip, so you can focus on getting the most value out of your stay. Please reach out to us via email.

Meet our Team

Bartal Kamban

Tour Manager | Founder

Bartal is a Faroese-born ethnologist and nature enthusiast. He grew up in the Faroese capital Tórshavn where he early on developed a passion for outdoor adventures in the unspoiled Faroese nature. He holds a master’s degree in Ethnology with studies carried out in Denmark, Iceland and Norway. With his extensive knowledge of local nature, culture, and history, he was instrumental in designing our Experiences. Bartal ensures that everything at Experience Faroe Islands runs smoothly – from answering emails, updating social media content, and supporting our guides. He will do his absolute best to provide you with an unforgettable experience in the Faroe Islands, drawing upon his own extensive lived experience in the place. When he is not arranging tours or hiking the mountains, Bartal runs the next-door CrossFit center in Tórshavn, helping the locals stay fit and healthy.