A Brief History of the Faroese Flag

The 25th April marks Flag day  – Flaggdagur – in the Faroe Islands.  And, while in 2020 it’s likely to be a more subdued event than usual due to the current social distancing advice, the day will be marked by Faroese at home and overseas with many a proud display of the national flag, the Merkið, a key symbol of national self-determination and the legacy of the war years on the Faroe Islands.

What to Wear in the Faroe Islands

Let’s face it. Summer in the Faroe Islands is not by any measure a tropical experience. For warm breezes, endless sunshine and fancy cocktails on the beach, there are certainly better options elsewhere. But for staggering beauty, remarkable nature and exciting adventures, the Faroe Islands is the right choice. And you’ll see, the weather will undoubtedly impress you in other ways. Here we take your through our list of essentials and detail our favourite methods when roaming the Faroe Islands.

Casual Dining in Tórshavn: Our Top Picks

The Faroe Islands are fast-gaining a reputation as a foodie destination par excellence. It’s not just our two-Michelin starred restaurant Koks as there are many destinations for fine dining in Tórshavn today. But, what about those other nights when, after a long day hiking in the mountains, you just fancy a relaxed or quick meal that won’t break the bank? Well, thankfully there’s a growing number of options that cater to a range of budgets in our cosy capital. It’s a far cry from the city of yesteryear, to the delight of locals and visitors alike.