Mykines | The Puffin Island | Private Experience

Care for a tailored, private experience of the puffin island Mykines? We got you covered. There are good reasons for booking a private experience: You will be part of planning the itinerary that will meet your specific needs. You’ll own the journey, and you’ll decide the pace. There’s no hassle to adapt to others and you will have the option to prioritize your preferred activity such as photography, hiking, food, etc. We will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.

Sunset Hike | Private Experience

Summer in the Faroe Islands is made for sunset hikes as the cool breeze of air during day often tends to calm down and sunlight continues late into the evening. Participants of this tour are likely to get a more memorable hiking experience than a typical day hike with an amplified sense of fulfilment and well-being.