Mykines | The Puffin Island | Private Experience

Care for a tailored, private experience of the puffin island Mykines? We got you covered. There are good reasons for booking a private experience: You will be part of planning the itinerary that will meet your specific needs. You’ll own the journey, and you’ll decide the pace. There’s no hassle to adapt to others and you will have the option to prioritize your preferred activity such as photography, hiking, food, etc. We will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.

Birdlife like you’ve never seen before

Mykines is a protected Ramsar area due to its rich and varied birdlife. The puffin colony is certainly the biggest in the Faroe Islands, potentially one of the biggest in the world, and we get the chance to pass right through it. The village that once inhabited almost 200 people is now reduced to around a dozen living on the island throughout the year. Yet you will be surprised how well-maintained and color-varied its turf-roofed houses are, just a hike away from the astonishing bird colonies. 

Proposed itinerary:

We depart from Tórshavn at 9h15 and drive to Sørvágur to catch the ferry to Mykines at 10h45. Weather permitting, the ferry-ride will be an experience on its own as we pass the sea stacks Drangarnir and the islands of Tindhólmur and Gáshólmur. Upon arrival, our first stop is the local café for a short break and the chance to buy refreshments. We then start the hike by heading uphill to the monument established for local fishermen who passed away at sea. Next, we reach our first viewpoint ─ the largest puffin colony in the Faroe Islands. *If the weather permits, we continue to Lambi and walk through the colony. At this point, there is a good chance you will to see the breeding pairs of puffins up-close. We then cross the bridge that hovers 35 meters (115 feet) above the ocean and hike to the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur. There we grab lunch while enjoying the surrounding seabird city. Having saturated the wild nature on Mykineshólmur, we hike same way back to the village to unwind for a moment before catching the ferry back to Sørvágur at 5pm. All told we will be back in Tórshavn around 7pm with drop off at your convenient location. 

* Due to a landslide the trail to Lambi and Mykineshólmur is closed for the summer season 2022, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of other great viewpoints where you’ll have opportunities to see the Puffins.

A note of caution

If the Mykines ferry cancels due to rough seas, which happens occasionally, we can only offer a full refund if the cancellation is made in advance of the tour start. Instead, we arrange an alternative tour. It is a prerequisite for booking with us that our customers are willing to accept these circumstances and remain flexible in such situations. Additionally, when certain conditions apply local authorities have occasionally restricted access to the puffin colony as a protective measure. This will not, however, be a cause of cancellation, as we still get to see the colony from higher standpoints. In such situations, your guide stands ready to adjust the travel plan accordingly. When this occurs, we expect participants to be flexible so that good workarounds can be found.

The tour is dependent upon available tickets on the ferry to Mykines. In the unfortunate situation where the ferry is fully booked, you will be reimbursed.

Starting price: 4750dkk
Extra pr. person: 1.495dkk
Included: Transport, Guide, Lunch, Beverages, Hiking Fee, Pick-Up, Drop Off
What to Bring: Warm and Waterproof Clothes, Good Shoes, Camera
Duration: 10-11 hours
Pick-up: Starts at 9h30 (and 7h45 for the extra ferry)
Group Size: Minimum 1 / Maximum 8
Difficulty: Easy / Medium

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