Environmental policy

As tourism in the Faroe Islands grows and develops, debates are increasingly being had on how to handle the greater number of tourists and the associated environmental impact on our islands. For us, tourism has immense potential and there is nothing we like more than helping you discover the hidden gems of the Faroe Islands.  Yet to ensure our fragile environment will be sustained far into the future this has to be done with caution, balancing social, environmental and economic concerns.

Ours are not vast islands, and the overcrowding and potential degradation of particular hotspot areas are a real concern. Luckily, initiatives on the conservation and protection of fragile local environments have been taken, and several more are underway.

At Experience Faroe Islands, we take our responsibilities seriously and deliver on our commitments to the sustainability agenda in three ways:

Quality over quantity

We specialise in creating unique, personal experiences that are 100% compatible with the preservation of the environment and are supportive of local community life. The only way to truly deliver on this promise is by arranging tours for smaller groups – up to a maximum of 8 people. Our experiences are carefully planned to avoid unnecessary stress on the environment and local communities. This is done to create harmony between nature, the local community and the visitor for mutual benefit. Our approach creates greater value for our customers while at the same time limiting the burden on the roads, environment, and community life.

Leave it better than you found it

We go out of our way to preserve nature in the same condition as it was before our presence – preferably even better. We never leave any unnecessary marks in nature, and we stick to the advised paths and hiking routes. If we stumble upon objects that do not naturally belong in wild nature – such as plastic, for example – we pick it up and dispose of it properly when the tour is finished.

Cooperation with locals 

The team behind Experience Faroe Islands engages continuously in dialogue with local farmers, residents and other community stakeholders to ensure harmony and mutual understanding. Not only is it paramount that our ways are compatible with local guidelines and instructions but, they should also be beneficial to locals affected by our activities. In some instances, hiking fees have been introduced by locals on specific hiking routes as a response to high visitor numbers. This ensures the protection of local flora and wild animal life. Furthermore, the income from these fees is injected directly into the local economy and ensures that local enthusiasts can take care of the environment, nurture and maintain the hiking routes, and build facilities such as toilets and shared rooms for visitors. 

There is much to be said about sustainability in Faroese tourism, but in the end, what really matters is common sense and understanding. Proper care and attention of nature and its surroundings isn’t rocket science – it’s merely good manners and essential in creating common value for all parties involved. Truly great experiences taking place in harmony with nature and local communities are what sustainable tourism is all about. This is what we are all about.

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