The Famous Kallur Lighthouse

Kalsoy is the Faroe Islands’ own ‘James Bond Island’, and so much more.  As a location for 2020’s Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’ the island has gained a new worldwide fame, but, it’s long been on the must-do list of visitors to the Faroes. The mythical island is home to the famous Kallur Lighthouse, which, alongside the statue of the Seal Woman, counts among the islands’ most iconic sights.  Avoid the crowds and come along for this afternoon experience with your local expert guide to experience the best the island has to offer.

Across the sea

Departing from Tórshavn we’ll drive along the fjords and through the tunnels towards Klaksvík – the second city of the Faroes with a population of around 5,000 nestled between mountains and fjords. From Klaksvík we’ll take a 20 minute ferry-ride over to the island of Kalsoy during which we’ll get to enjoy the dramatic landscape of the northern islands rising majestically from the sea.

The Famous Kallur Lighthouse

After arriving in Kalsoy and taking in the view we drive onwards to Trøllanes where the hike to Kallur Lighthouse begins.* The local farmer will greet you and be your local guide for the hike that takes about 1 hour each way. The hike is not difficult and you’ll walk among the farmers’ sheep and wild birdlife providing the perfect opportunity to experience Faroese nature up close. The lighthouse is located on the northernmost edge of the island; its high and dramatic landscape making it a truly mesmerising experience. Upon reaching the lighthouse you’ll be provided with lunch and plenty of time to absorb the moment and the scenery. From this vantage point you can see the Giant and the Witch who, according to legend, tried to pull the Faroe Islands all the way over to Iceland. On the other side of Kalsoy you’ll have the view to the 758 metre high Cape Enniberg – the northernmost point of the Faroe Islands and one of the highest sea-cliffs in the world. After taking in the view and a well-deserved lunch you’ll hike back down to Trøllanes.

The mythical Seal Woman

Afterwards, the journey continues to the pretty village of Mikladalur – which in English means Mighty Valley – where we’ll visit the Seal Woman statue (Kópakonan) and hear about how the mythical tale behind the statue has helped cement her status as one of the islands’ most iconic sites.

Having explored the area and perhaps visited the local café, we commence the journey back to Tórshavn again via the ferry giving you a second chance to appreciate the view of the islands and fjords from the sea.

In total, the trip will take around 7 – 8 hours, meaning we should be back in Tórshavn at around 17:00.

*Any participants not able or willing to hike to Kallur Lighthouse are welcome to stay in the car and enjoy a tour of the island with the driver.

Included: Transport, Guide, Lunch, Beverages, Hiking Fee, Pick Up, Drop Off
What to Bring: Warm and Waterproof Clothes, Good Shoes, Camera
Duration: 8,5 hours
Pick-up: Between 8:30 to 8:45
Group Size: Minimum 2 / Maximum 8
Difficulty: Medium

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